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Melt her heart with an Enchanted Fairy Portrait Adventure


Once you have booked your session you will have to check your Emails very soon afterwards because a very special enchanted invitation from the fairy godmother and the fairies is sent out to all of the children who have booked with us. Not only that, we will also get to work preparing her personalised fairy certificate complete with the fairy’s name added, this is a very beautiful keepsake and perfect for framing or saving into a memory box. We will have her certificate all printed up and it will be ready to be presented to her after the fairy shoot has been completed. Our little fairies just simply adore this.



We have built an entire life size enchanted forest set with an amazing background for our enchanted fairy adventure, the entire look has a dreamlike quality to it, we have a mushroom seat, artificial grass and a lovely reflective magical pond complete with rocks and moss. There are flowers and trees everywhere, climbing ivy, a fairy lantern, little forest creatures as well as lot’s of fairy dresses and wings-in fact, we have just about everything that we need. Well almost everything because the most important thing that we need is your special little fairy to come and join us and enter into a magical world full of make believe and adventure.


When our children arrive they will be transformed into enchanted fairies, they can choose their own fairy dresses and fairy flower garlands for their hair. It is the dressing up, posing and lighting that makes this form of portrait photography such a unique experience for our little girls. We will look after your precious one and let her become completely immersed in the fairy experience so that she has a really amazing time with us and is also made to feel very special too. It's all about making children feel happy and confident.


Children will be invited into the magical forest setting and this is where we will begin the fairy photo shoot adventure, your child will be guided and helped by Pam (Our fairy godmother) to get lot’s of different poses and expressions in order to create a lovely variety of pictures for you to choose from. After the shoot is completed and your child is getting changed, our photographer will be busily preparing your pictures for viewing on the big screen, he chooses the very best of the images and creates a very special viewing slideshow just for you to review and enjoy the best magical moments. We will then look at each of the 15-20 chosen images individually to select your favourites and help and guide you with this and it’s really easy and quick. We can help you to decide on the products and sizes that you would like most.


We bring with us a selection of finished products as examples for you to see, you can purchase individual art work or you can choose from our collections range, or both. The entire shoot and viewing session takes about an hour or so. Our digital artist will enhance the final images prior to final printing just to make them rich and vibrant, he may also add some magic sparkle and twinkle here and there.



We know that there are some people who would love to attend our fairy portrait event but are apprehensive about hidden costs and being pressured into buying beyond their means, we don’t do that because we don’t like that kind of thing either. Our approach is very different, we believe that if we produce brilliant pictures for you and have great products available then you will buy whatever you want or can afford to buy on the day. In fact, you only get to purchase what you love because if you don’t love it then we won’t sell it to you. Our customers appreciate our honesty and integrity, we are nice people and our customers feel very comfortable with us and this approach helps them to really enjoy the fairy experience even more.


Most people fall head over heels with what we create for them and to see your little one in a beautiful slideshow can be a very emotional experience, our products are highly desirable and so most people spend more than they budgeted for, not because they felt like that they had to, but because they wanted to and that’s ok. So be prepared to fall in love with what we have on offer. If you are at all concerned about falling in love with the enchanted fairy experience and fairy portraits then we don’t blame you because it’s brilliant, beautiful and timeless. Prices from £129 to £1499. We also have easy pay interest free options available too, ask for more information!


All of your purchases will be delivered by royal mail or our courier, courier delivery service is charged at a flat rate of just £9.99 regardless of size or quantity, delivery is usually within three weeks and all products will be well wrapped and protected.




      Fairy finer details

  • Booking is free FREE!
  • Enchanted welcome invitation email after booking FREE!
  • Fairy goodie bag for all attending fairies FREE!
  • Beautiful Enchanted fairy certificate complete with fairy’s name for all attending fairies! FREE!
  • All laughter, smiles, feelings of pride, tears of love and joy FREE!
  • Magical backdrop
  • Lot’s of beautiful props
  • Fairy enchanted pond
  • Choice of fairy outfits, wings and hair garlands to use on the day
  • Professional photographer service
  • All retouching and special effects included
  • Fairy Godmother VIP services
  • 30 minute adventure and photo shoot session
  • 30 minute big screen slideshow view and choose session
  • Private viewing of the edited images taken from the adventure
  • Option to purchase individual products or collections
  • No hard sell, in fact our fairy products sell themselves, you only purchase what you love, that’s our guarantee to you,  how’s that for being different?
  • Framed prints-Canvas wraps- Acrylic prints- - DVD Slideshows- Memory boxes with Mounted prints and Digital files on an Enchanted USB- Fairy Collections- Fairy Jar keepsakes
  • All of our goods are of the premium quality and sourced from the very best printers and framers
  • Easy pay interest free options available
  • Each child must be accompanied by an adult, ie 2 kids 2 adults.
  • Children aged 2 years to 9 years only.
  • Booking is required from our website.
  • All copyright owned by Believe In Fairies
  • Booking is FREE!